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Company History
Taking care of the air conditioners at a country music festival, backstage; sounds easy, right? Well, the cottonwood seeds were flying like snowflakes and I must have cleaned those five air conditioners at least four times a day for four days. I swore that weekend that I would find a way to speed the cleaning of the air conditioner coils. That was the actual beginning of our air conditioner screens, now trademarked as A-C Screen TM.

After a lot of research and testing in what should have been my spare time, I finally found the right materials to do the job.  

A-C Screen™ started as a custom built screen. Air Conditioning Products Inc. now has an air conditioner screen that the average home owner can install, custom-fitted to each air conditioner unit (or heat pump) -- with a minimum of tools, and easy to remove for cleaning.

The result is a prepackaged debris screen that will save expensive service calls and is available from Air Conditioning Products, Inc.



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